Monday, May 24, 2010

Comeacrossness: MADRID EDITION (Day 5)


This was the last day of our adventure. Erik and I woke up early (but not too early)and had a quick brunch, so we could have time to visit the Caves. Their location is at the North-West of the town, and they are not far from my home, so we went on foot.

The accessing to the place has improved a lot in the last years. When I was a kid, you had to walk on the edge of a very dangerous road, but now there are sidewalks (pavements in BrE), signs showing the way to the place, and things like that: it is a true tourist enclave.

The problem is that, as any good tourist enclave, it has losts of tourists It is the longest navigable subterranean river in Europe, but that day, it seemed to have the longest line in Europe (again, "queue" if you are British). The reservation was full until closing time, so never could we enter the Caves that day. Indeed, it was a pity.

The next time we meet, I'll try to do a reservation, I promise.

So, Erik and I had to content ourselves just by seeing the paratge (the sorrounding area of the Caves) which is also a lovely place.

We were almost leaving when I had the sudden impulse of get in a souvenir shop. And then I met her. There she was: so beautiful, so dynamic, so... sharp. I didn't hesitate a second and I got her.

My butterfly knife.

Pretty, isn't she?

Well, I'll talk about her in the future - although most of you already know her. Anyway, Erik and I came back to my home by another way, so he could see another of Vall d'Uixó's prides: the Aqueduct. For those who don't know what an aqueduct is, it was an ancient method of transporting water through cities.

The Aqueduct of Vall d'Uixó.

This one is half-Roman, half-Moorish (Moorish arcs are more pointed) and doesn't carry water anymore. It's a symbol of our town, although not many tourists go since it's on a rather hidden spot.

We ate Chinese food from Bar Casamayor, which is a Spanish-like bar which specializes in Chinese food. Nothing else of interest happened during the rest of the day until we finally drove Erik to Castellón so he could get a train to Barcelona.

And that, folks, is the end of our tale.


  1. Congratulations, you have finished the Comeacrossness Madrid Edition.

    Are you sure this is your butterfly knife? The one in the foto seems to have blood or something.

    Oh great, a Moorish aqueduct that means a 2-0 against my fucking town. Great job Villalonga you've lost again..

  2. @ Chris-kun: It's just a light effect caused by the flash. It seems to be bloody in all the pictures I took.

    BTW, the background is my black wall, the one I talked about on the last post. Cool, isn't it?

  3. Some day you'll cut your own balls off playing around with your mariposón knife.

    Until that day comes, enjoy!