Monday, May 17, 2010

Comeacrossness: MADRID EDITION (Day 4)


Unlike the previous days, I had to be awaken on my last Madridean morning. It was almost midday when a loud knock on the door woke me up. It seems that I finally got used to sleeping in there.

After having a quick breakfast and making sure no-one left anything, we bid farewell to Habbit's home and rushed for the train station. On the way, Habbit's mother phoned him, saying that she was arriving back from the town. We were so freaking lucky! If we had left off just some minutes later, we would have been discovered.

Erik and I were to get a train to Valencia. Then he would change train to Barcelona and I would get a Cercanías. We said good-bye to Bolty and Habbit and promised that this wouldn't be our last journey together.

Erik and I took a look at the stores in the station - we ate in Burger King. I almost bought a butterfly knife in a gunsmith's shop, but I thought it wouldn't pass through the metal scanner when entering the train. I quite don't find the logic in this: why are guns and sharp weapons sold in a place so prone to terrorism? Anyway, when we got into the train, I noticed that there was no metal scanner! No-one registered our bags! Again I wondered if Madrideans have REALLY learnt the lesson.

During the travel funny things happened. First, Erik achieved the extraordinary goal of making angry someone you don't know, just by talking about clichés about Andalusians. I'll just say that "yes, we are indeed very happy", was the response of an angry couple on the front seats.

There was another hilarious incident with an automatic door which just couldn't stop opening and closing... See it by yourself.

But perhaps the most remarkable of the trip was that my mother called me to invite Erik to spend one more day at home - which he accepted. This changed all plans for the rest of the day and the following one. So, when we arrived at Valencia, Erik went to Vall d'Uixó with me. He had been all the week complaining about not seeing any orange trees. Well, he got fed up of seeing them across the Valencian countryside.

Back at home, I discovered that my room had been painted without my permission. I don't really mind anymore, I like the colour (bright black, I'll upload a photo someday), but I would have prefered to be told. about that.

We had a pizza for dinner (Erik marvelled at my old TV, which he considered to be a "cool relic") and then we connected to Steam to play some TF2. Habbit and Bolty were surprised because Erik was connected so early - he was supposed to arrive at Barcelona at midnight. I told them that I had kidnapped him.

We decided that the following day I'd take him see San José Caves, the pride of my town - although in the end it wasn't possible.

Stay tuned for the last chapter!


  1. Sholudn't you be studying English or doing Documen... ups sorry!

    I love that door! I think it would be perfect for a Valve's game (like Half-life)

    Do you filmed that with the mobile phone? Mine must be broken...

    Oh, I enjoyed myself a lot the first time I saw the San José Caves. I remember water... and ups ...empty scene... It would be great to visit them again since in my town the only thing you can visit is the doctor or the Mercadona...

    See ya! Mmph!

  2. I want to know those Andalusian clichés!

    Were they about how "salty" they are? Or maybe about hooooooooooow funny they, with no exception, all are?