Monday, April 19, 2010

Comeacrossness: MADRID EDITION (Day 3)


Unusually, I woke up early... again. After a while, I decided it was time to wake Erik up so he could turn on his laptop. I had been two days without looking at my mail, so it was about time. Team Focata's forum had gone a little wild without my administration. Ah, BTW, I forgot to say that, the day before, we made somre "staff clearance".

Anyway, that day we decided to order a pizza. We ordered a huge 50-centimeter-diametred monster which almost couldn't pass through the door. We couldn't decide between four cheese or meat, so we rolled the dice and tried out the combination "four cheese-bacon". It resulted to be a great mixture.

After eating, Bolty and Habbit began to plan some sort of tour around the city. They wanted us to go to Chueca District for some reason, but we managed to convince Habbit not including it within the tour. Phew.

Our Madridean Chuecaless adventure began at the underground, the most interesting place on Earth. You can get lost, you can lose your wallet, you can lose your life, you can even lose your balls!

At least someone lost a ball here. Children: if you go by Madrid's underground, grab firmly your balls and don't lose them.

The underground drove us to Puerta del Sol, where we took some photos like any other tourist. We also got conned in a bar like any other tourist.

I have a little anecdote about pictures there: during my previous visit to Madrid -years before with my parents- we took loads of pictures of the Bear and the Madroño Tree statue, and none of them was good. So, the first thing I did when we put foot on the square was looking for it. And here is the result.

This monument represents the superiority of mobile phone cameras over analogic ones. Or maybe it's just a tribute to Yogi Bear.

Other points we visited include Preciados Street (home of the largest Corte Inglés I've ever seen), Sabatini Gardens and a passage under the streets where some homeless were sleeping. In fact, we took that passage because we couldn't cross the street, as an Easter Week procession was taking place.

Fortunately, we didn't fall into the numerous holes there are in the city.

After the almost incident-free trip, we had dinner at Habbit's home -of course, with the prices we saw, entering a bar wouldn't have been a wise option. From the creator of "Lasagne-Which-Needs-More-Tomato" and "Insanely-Large-Pizza", we were presented "Big-Pink-Hot-Dogs-With-Loads-of-Mayonnaise-That-Make-Them-Seem-Cumming-Dicks". Despite their appearance, they were rather good. Maybe they just needed some more tomato sauce.

After some L4D2 and a session of Youtube -we learnt what happens when you cover a car with thermite-, we went to bed, for our last night in Madrid.

Stay tuned for day 4!

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  1. I must apologise for publishing this so late. Damn Bolonia didn't let me finish it before. I'll try to do the following two days before we all die from age.

    Also, I can't find the video about the termite, so you'll have to imagine: it savagely explodes. That's all the mystery.

    Have a nice day!