Sunday, April 4, 2010

Comeacrossness: MADRID EDITION (Day 1)

Hello there! Hope you're having nice Easter holidays.

As some of you know, I have spent Easter Week (Wordreference forums say that "Holy Week" is not correct) in Madrid with some friends from Team Focata. What, you didn't know? Then I'll tell you now: I spent Easter Week in Madrid with some friends from Team Focata.

In this post I'll put my best efforts in describing my adventures in the capital. I hope I don't miss anything.


We had been preparing this for almost a month. It was quite risky because our hosts' parents didn't know we were coming. We were four in total: Bolty and Habbit, from Madrid itself; Erik, from Terrassa (Barcelona); and myself. Habbit's parents were at some town which I don't remember, so we would stay at his home. They could return any moment, so we froze with terror every time Habbit's mobile rang.

We had agreed to travel by car, because Habbit loves driving. Erik got a train to Valencia and I picked up a suburban (Cercanías). we all met in Valencia and ate in a McDonalds (originality and low prices FTW). My Valencian readers won't be surprised by this, but the city has one of the most awesome features I've ever come across:


The perfect trap for old people! Let them have a heart attack when the time approaches to zero! Image from another blog.

After eating and giving some money to a homeless, we hit the road on a 4-hour trip. We spent the journey making jokes (I can't remember any of them at the moment) and hearing music of all kind. (Was that Queen? It was!)

Also, Erik presented me an item which I would wear almost all the time the following days. A Fedora!! Like the one I wear in TF2! They said it fitted me. Maybe I should buy one...

When we arrived at Habbit's home, it was so late that we left our baggage and rushed for dinner. We had dinner in an interesting restaurant: "Brasa y Leña". It's a Brazilian restaurant, in which all kinds of meat were served skewered in a sword. And when I say all kinds I mean all kinds. And when I say swords I mean SWORDS. It's the kind of place where you wouldn't dare leaving without paying. You can take a look at its website for more info.

After dining we returned to Habbit's home, decided where would each one sleep (I got Habbit's bed, fortunately WITHOUT Habbit), and played TF2 until very late (or very early, decide yourself).
Stay tuned! Day 2 coming soon!

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  1. I couldn't wait anymore to see this. Can't believe you didn't buy your own Fedora... sigh!

    I guess you've never been to Valencia, it's been a long time since that strange traffic lights exist and they're not the only ones in the world, when I was in Toronto I just saw a lot of them, I love running before it's OVERTIME!!!