Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OVERTIME: Team Focata's First Anniversary and Erik Mat's Accident

Hello there! I must start this post with an apology, for being out of the Internet this whole week. I had tones of work (and I still have).

So, I'm a bit late, but today I'm talking about the great Team Focata. Some of you already know it; some of you don't. So, a little explanation.

In all multiplayer games, it arrives a moment when a group of players get used to play together, and then someone decides to make a clan. Clans are groups of players who play together regularly as part of a group (TF2wiki). Obviously, being such an avid TF2 player as I am, I am in a clan. In fact, I am one of the founding members.

My clan's name is "Team Focata". I talked in a previous post about the word Focata as a translation of Sandvich, so it doesn't need more explanation.

I should bore you with lots of details about how great is TF, but, I'm not really in that mood. You can find all the info you need in our forum. If you are a TF2 player, you probably know us. If you are not, there's logically you can't become a member, but visitors are welcome in our forum. The URL is

The main reason about I'm talking about Team Focata now is that, last week, we celebrated our first year as a clan. To be precise, the 3rd of February, and we arranged a special party (in our game server).

Unfortunately, the same week we had some bad news. One of our members, Erik Mat, suffered an accident, so the party we celebrated was in his honor. Don't worry, he survived and now is recovering favorably. He was able to came to the party, but he remained as a spectator, since his arms hurted.

We also celebrated that we have a new game server, less unstable than the previous one, which crashed constantly. If you want to play with us, copy this IP in your favourites:

Well, that's it. I should have posted this last week. As I said, I'm very sorry. All I have to say now is: Erik, all the Team is with you. Just eat lots of Sandviches so you'll recover your health points quickly.


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  1. Oh men poor guy, tnanks he's OK know I don't desire something like that to anyone (except for those who wrote fantasia final)
    God Save TF2!!!