Thursday, January 28, 2010

First semester... finished!

Hello there!

This week I'm not talking about TF2 (although a new and interesting patch has been released), because it's been a long time since I last talked about University. So here we go.

Exams are over for now, and we have started the second semester (or term if you are British). We have new subjects (if we can call "new" the version 2 of the ones we alrady had), and finished with some others (Screw TI0906!!).

For instance, German is now called "German II" (Reloaded), and we don't have a native German professor anymore. How pityful. Our current Lehrerin is Spanish, and their accent is sometimes confusing, because she doesn't pronounce 100% correctly. Fail.

English also has "changed" its name this semester. Now it's English II, and the only thing worth the mention is that our English blogs must have 8000 words. Oh, and we have to listen an audio-book.

Spanish and Catalan are more or less the same. No comments.

Our Linguistics teacher is now the same as the Spanish one. Double combo! Anyway, iy still is the same boring subject. The most interesting thing (in fact, the only interesting thing) that occured there was something I have already talked about.

We don't have Computing anymore, which is a GREAT relief. My classmates will understand me. Instead of that, we have Documentation. I'm not giving an opinion yet, because we have just started, and it may change (it probably will).

This semester we finally start translating in Translation B-A1. We'll see how we do.

Finishing with this post:
Balance of the first semester.
Exams: Not bad.
Work: Too much.
Teachers: Some excellent, some not-so-good.
Classmates: I don't know all
of them, but the ones I know seem to be really nice.
Environment: Cool,
nice. A bunch of translators, what more could you ask for?
Facilities: The
UJI is full of surprises. When you think you know your Faculty, you discover an
emergency exit which leads to a 5-floor tower. Awesome.

CU, bunch of translators!

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  1. I agree with you; I'm so glad it's over now. Let's gather some energy for the new term, and let's go for it!! I'm extremely happy with my grades so far; frankly, I'd have never thought I would pass all the exams (especially THAT one). Just one piece of advice: do some research on piracy :)

    PS. Really nice? You haven't seen me go mad yet...ha ha ha ha ha ha

    PS2: Do keep an eye on your potential flarability, just in case :)