Friday, April 9, 2010

Comeacrossness: MADRID EDITION (Day 2)

If you didn't read "Day One", go NOW!! If you did, welcome to day two.


The first night I couldn't sleep more than three hours in a row. Yet I could find my own feet at the morning. I woke up (for once) at 9:00 and had a look around Habbit's room for an hour. Actually, I spent most of the time leafing through a book called "The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster". I'm still loling! It's fu**ing AWESOME!!!

At about 10:00 I decided to have a shower. I find it really weird to shower in someone else's bath. It's like disturbing their sanctuary. I don't like it.

Anyway, when I finished, Erik was already awake. He told me he had been arguing with the TV remote control. No questions. We played some Left4Dead 2 until Habbit finally woke up. Then we played some Portal. (I still recommend this game!) Bolty arrived with bad news: he wouldn't eat with us. Anyway, he helped us prepare the meal - lasagne. The lasagne resulted to be not so disastrous as I had expected... although being homemade. Actually, it was delicious, but we all agreed that it needed more tomato sauce.


After the lasagne, we celebrated Erik's birthday (did I mention it was his birthday?), we ate a cake - which resulted NOT to be a lie - and played some TF2. We also played Unreal Tournament, a game which I had never played before. It's ok, but I prefer TF2.

We had arranged a meeting with other members of Team Focata who also live in Madrid, but in the end they weren't able to come. Pity. I'm sure they were eager for meeting the real Tido, hehehe.

In the evening we went to eat to Kentucky Fried Chicken. There is nothing like that in my town, so I was quite intrigued about those enormous buckets full of battered chicken. I've always seen these things on movies - they're an icon of American culture - so I was rather surprised when I saw such a great number of KFC stands spread all around Madrid.

Later, we watched Saw 3 (I could say that we saw Saw, but it sounds... weird). I was the only one that had seen it before, so I had to be extremely careful with the spoilers. I really enjoyed seeing their faces each time I said something like "oh, I love this part" while making a sudden arm movement. Try it. It's really fun.

I don't know why, but films like "Saw" make me hungry. Fortunately we had popcorn.

That night I slept without interruptions, but still woke up early. The popcorn bowl was still on the desk, near my head. Thankfully its content didn't fall over me.

Stay tuned for the third day! While Jesus was resurrecting, we ate a pizza!

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  1. It's been a long time since the last time my biology teacher talked about the flying spaghetti, go to hell GOD!

    PD:-I've already tried Portal, cool but I still need to play more.