Thursday, November 26, 2009

Comeacrossness: The Transvestite Spartans on a Bike

Hello there! I'm back with another strange anecdote, related with strange people (why do I always find these folks?) at this strange section which is Comeacrossness.

I suppose I'm not very keen on parties or celebrations. I'm just a geek with my computers, my translations, my forums and my other geek stuff. Maybe that's the reason because of I just don't understand what the Hell was going on today at the UJI.

As I knew later, today there was some kind of party arranged by the students of Music Teaching, in which they have played their instruments and sung at the Agora. Nothing strange, up until now.

Just a usual University celebration... Or is it?

Then I saw them. There were three guys wearing what seemed a Spartan home-made costume, with their cardboard helmets, shields and swords, and their red 100% cotton cloaks.

And plastic boobs.

Yes. You have read well: plastic boobs. Well, maybe they were made of rubber, but I didn't really want to check them, anyway. And what's more, while the other people were dancing and drinking and doing that kind of activities, two of these Spartan Transvestites were riding a bike around the campus. Both on the same bike, and the one at the back wleding his sword as if they were charging. Just epic. You should have seen them.

Fortunately, this time I have an image! (Rule #31: You must have pictures to prove your statements.) Though they aren't very good. Damn mobile phones! I'll have to bring a Reflex camera to the University if I continue coming across these kind of people. Anyway, this is the photo. Click here if you can't see the image. Besides, I have some witnesses, in case you thought I'm either lying or crazy (or both). Ask them.

The image is not excellent, but hey!, half a loaf is better than none. Click to enlarge.

I don't find this scary, but somehow disturbing. I mean, alright, Spartan costumes. Spartans are cool. Everybody has seen the film 300. Everybody would like to fight like them.


Don't misunderstand me. I'm a heterosexual man, I like tits, as everybody else, I suppose. But not on a man's body! That's sort of gross... As people say on the Internet, "Do not want."

If I wanted to disguise as a woman (though that is not among my immediate plans), I guess I would dress up as a real (or realistic) woman, not an androgyne Spartan Soldier with Spartan clothing and non-Spartan briests. I just don't understand what makes someone take the decision of a Spartan shemale fancy dress.

If you were one of those Spartan guys (or knew them) and read these lines, I would be glad if you explained this to me.

I'm leaving now. As people say on the Internet, "It's a trap." See you!


  1. I lol'd a lot with that...emmm....guys?? xD

    they attemted to kill me with their bycicles...-.-

  2. Gheez! At least I was lucky not to dream with any of them chasing me or doing other things...

  3. Oh, good old Spartan transvestites! How I missed them!

    By the way, may I interest you in learning about sweet transvestite from Transexual Transilvania?

  4. Hey, it's me again, talking to you (well, writing) from the Spanish version of my blog xD

  5. Hey, guess who?

    I have added your blog to my blogroll (and, for now, I only have YOU) xD

  6. @ sourape:

    Oh, great. Now I feel special. :)
    Take a look at my own blogroll if you want to, I have other friend's ones there.

  7. I've replied to your comment in my Spanish blog.

    I'm looking forward for a new episode of Comeacrossness!