Saturday, November 7, 2009

Comeacrossness: The Forgotten Shop

Hi everybody!

I come from a small town (well, it's gradually getting bigger, but it is small compared with Castellón), so I find everything in Castellón extraordinarily big and complex. Almost everyday I come across something I hadn't seen before (specially weird people). That's why I've decided to start this new section, titled "Comeacrossness", where I'll explain these weird things that happen to me in the city.
In this first episode of Comeacrossness I want to tell a little anecdote. I was looking for a videogame store in Castellón, so I decided to search in Google Maps. I typed "tiendas de videojuegos Castellón" and took the first result. "Centro Email, Avda Rey Don Jaime 43". I memorized the adress and the next day I went to visit the shop.

This is me getting lost looking for a videogame store in Castellón.

After wandering for about half an hour, I finally reached the avenue. I started looking for anything that seemed a store. I found nothing. Then I decided to look at the house numbers. Thirty-five, thirty-seven, thirty-nine, oh, It's not far. [...] Ok, there it is. Now, to my left I can see number 41, and number 45 to my right. In front of me there is...
A deserted closed business.
Yes, I know what you are thinking. I got owned. Saint Google betrayed me, showing me a place which doesn't exist anymore.

But this story has a happy ending: I returned to Google Maps, looked at the next result, and found an excellent videogame store, in compensation for the epic failure I got.

Coming soon, a meeting with a man who walked strangely. Stay tuned with Comingacrossness!


  1. A man who walked strangely, huh?

    "Ministry of Silly Walks". C'mon, Google it and you see what walking strangely truly is!

    By the way, what an epic fail xDDDDDD

  2. Yeah, I know that Monty Python's gag. In fact, I want to compare the man I saw with that vid, but I don't have it prepared yet.

    BTW, thanks for your comment. :)