Thursday, November 19, 2009

Comeacrossness: The Man who Walked Strangely

Hello again! Last week I couldn't write anything because I had loads of work. But today I'm back with something I promised on my last post.

You may know this famous Monty Python's gag, the Ministry of Silly Walks (if you don't you can watch it on youtube here). Yeah, it's a very funny sketch, but we don't usually think that someone actually walks like that. I didn't think either... since a couple of weeks ago.

That day I was, as usual, walking from University to the bus station, when I saw a man who I could describe as "kinda weird". He was walking the dog, and both were heading the same direction I was. Even with my slow and unworried walk I eventually catchedup with him. The reason of this was that he was walking in a strange way.

Maybe this gag is based on real events.

Every 4 or 5 steps he stopped for a second and left one of his feet in the air, as if he was hopping. Then he landed the foot, walked a few steps more, and did it again. Of course I catched up with him in a matter of minutes.

As you can imagine I looked around in case there was a camera and they were filming some kind of commercial, but the street was almost empty. I even thought a hidden camera programme was taking place, so I continued walking as if I hadn't noticed the guy, but I couldn't help thinking about the way the dog looked at his owner.

I overtook the man in a few minutes, and didn't look behind, so I don't know if he continued walking like that or stopped. I don't know if I will come across him another day, but if I do and he walks the same way, I'll be sure of taking some photos of him, or even record a short video, with my mobile phone.
Well, that's the end of the story. I hope you liked it. Now I think I'll watch that Monty Python's gag again.
See you!

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  1. Why you didn't take a photo?? ¬¬!!!

    xD I want to see that man!!!!