Saturday, December 19, 2009

OVERTIME: The War Update, released!

Hi everyone! This has been an exciting week for TF2 players. I commented and recommended to follow the War Update of TF2, even if you didn't play the game, because it has been simply amazing. I know you ignored my advice, so I'm going to summarize the whole week in this tiny itsy bitsy post. Click all the links for more info (preferibly opening them in another window/tab).

The War Update presented the end of the friendship between the Demoman and the Soldier. As every TF2 update, it presented three new weapons for both characters, plus a fourth special weapon for the one who won the war. During the week, literally millions of Demomen and Soldiers perished, winning the latters by just a matter of 25000 deaths.

The three new weapons for the Demoman were something extraordinary in a FPS game: A longsword and a shield, and a new sticky-launcher.

The Soldier, meanwhile, recieved a new rocket launcher with more accuracy and power, a pickaxe which does more harm when the bearer is at low-health, and some kind of set of trumpet and flag, which seems to motivate your allies (I haven't seen it in action yet). The fouth special item resulted to be a pair of iron boots, to make rocket-jumping without damaging yourself. I also haven't seen them, but the description is quite clear.

All these weapons were crowned by 76 new achievements to unlock, which you can check at the bottom of these pages.

But the most eagerly awaited feature of this update was the Crafting System, which means players now will be able to transform their extra copies of items into metal to build new weapons or hats they don't have. You can't imagine how I regret having deleted my extra copies...

Amazingly, this update was combined with the release of the first official TF2 comic. A funny and interesting bunch of pages which explained some of the motivations of this update, including the origin of the friendship between the Demoman and the Soldier, and the beginning of the war. The comic has some "chapters": The Administrator, Saxton Hale, The Demoman and The Soldier. I decided to translate the whole comic into Spanish, but I only have the two first parts. I hope this weekend I'll be able to finish it. These are my translations:

The Demoman (coming soon)
The Soldier (coming soon)

When it's finished, I'm going to publish it as a whole with a nice front page and a big white-coloured title. Yay!

Talking about the weekend, last but not least, the news you have been waiting for. ONLY THIS WEEKEND (beginning last thursday, sorry for being late), Team Fortress 2 can be played FOR FREE! OMGWTFBBQ! And if you play it and like it, you can buy it at 50% the price! That is TF2 for just 7,49 €!!! What are you waiting for? Go now and download/buy it! You have only two days left! You don't have to move from your chair, you can buy it via Steam.

Well, now I'm leaving. If you need something from me, I'll be playing TF2. See you!

Mission ends in 3... 2... 1... Overtime!

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  1. I would play it if I weren't so lame at first-person shooters.