Friday, December 11, 2009

OVERTIME: The Administrator and Demoman/Soldier Update

Hello there! This week I decided to create a new section in this blog. I once talked about Team Fortress 2, one of my favourite videogames, and I promised to continue talking about it. Well, now I will for sure, since it's going to be a whole section, titled OVERTIME.

I updated the other post with this new logo. Consider it the first chapter of this new section.

First of all, the name is chosen because of a funny glitch the game has. Sometimes, when both teams run out of time in their mission, extra seconds are added to the countdown. The Announcer (the woman in the section logo) warns this by saying "Overtime". But, there used to be a bug, in which sometimes the sound looped itself, and it couldn't stop saying "Overtime". This was quite a funny effect which you can see in this video. In the video, the player plays as Spy and Sniper, my favourite classes (but I'm better than him, hehe). When the creators of the game corrected this bug, many people found it a disappointment, so the glitch was put in again as a server command. If you run a server, just open the console and type "tf_overtime_nag 1" to activate it.

Well, after this explanation of the logo, let's start the actual post.

TF2 is a game which updates frequently. But not only patches that fix bugs, but great updates with new weapons, new maps, new everything. Players recieve these updates as if they were godsent. Well, next week is going to happen one of these updates. Their contents will be revealed within the week. We only know that is going to have new items for Demoman and Soldier, and a secret special weapon that will be awarded to one of the two classes.

Yesterday, this comic was published (read it before continuing). The Announcer o Administrator discovers that the BLU Soldier and the RED Demoman have become friends, and that is unacceptable. So in this upcoming update they are going to fight each other (read the darn comic, Jeez!), so the winner will recieve the secret special weapon. More explanations can be found here in the Official Page, I'm not going to tell everything.

The main reason because I tell you this is that I decided to translate the comic (yes, the one that you should have read by now!) and I published it at Half-Life 2 Spain Website. This is my first serious and professional(ish) translation (though I made it for free). I recieved some praise by a more experienced translator who I know in the forum, so you can imagine how happy I am now. Yay!

You can download my translation here. Yes, it obviously is in Spanish.

Just a pair of things I have to say. First, if you are a TF2 player or fan, you should keep an eye or both on this update (you listenin', Chris?).

AND, if you are not a TF2 player but are interested, I have a great new. In every update, the game's price is lowered, so it's probably going to be very inexpensive! If you want to buy it, this could be your chance. Or maybe, Valve make us a gift and activates a "Free Weekend". That means you could play for free during the update weekend.

Stay tuned to TF2!

Mission ends in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...



  1. Boy, that "overtime" loop is giving me a headache!

    I'm pretty sure that Team Blue represents PP and Team Red represents PSOE.

  2. I hear you perfectly clear xD

    This is not fair, their going to left the engineer alone with no updates!!!

    Anyway I'm with the demoman!!

  3. @ Javi: No, they don't. In fact, Team Fortress 2 has its little bacjground and story, which I will tell on another chapter of "Overtime".

    @ Chris: Don't worry. All the classes will be updated. They promised. Btw, as I told you, Demoman and Soldier are my two worst classes. So I really don't mind which one wins. I'll hust keep backstabbing all of them, mwahaha.

    *Official Update: For now, Soldier is winning.

  4. I insist that Team Blue (or "blavers") represents PP and Team Red (or "red scum, you're tearing Spain up!") represents PSOE!