Saturday, October 3, 2009

District 9

Hello everybody!

Finally, after a boring week I have something interesting to say. Today I went to the cinema and watched a film titled "District 9". This film, directed by Neil Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson, is an interesting one, because it's about racism, xenophobia and Apartheid, though the aparted ones in District 9 are... aliens!

Twenty years ago an alien spaceship landed on our planet, over the city of Johannesburg (South Africa). Everybody expected an invasion or samples of advanced technologies, but the aliens were just refugees that were looking for a place to live. While deciding what to do with them, they were moved to District 9 and separated from human population.

Today, the military company MultiNational United (MNU) plans to relocate all the aliens to a concentration camp disguised as a new and better district (District 10). Wikus van der Merwe, responsible of notifying the aliens of this eviction, accidentally ingests a strange black liquid from an alien shack. That causes his DNA mutation into a half-alien half-human being. When the MNU tries to dissect him, Wikus escapes from the laboratories and looks for alien help.

Such an interesting plot is crowned by a "documentary-like" style, where we can see some interviews to Johannesburg citizens about the aliens and facts occured. I cannot tell more about the film because I don't want to spoil it. I only have to say "Go and see it".

I have chosen this film for my English coursework (I have to analyze some films). I've just downloaded the same film in original version with subtitles (video piracy, mwahaha) and tomorrow - or maybe next week - I'm watching it again.

General conclusion: Very cool film. Excellent plot and a great background. Convincing portrayal and incredible advertisements. See more info in, the official film's website.

See you soon, humans.

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