Monday, September 28, 2009

New beginning

Hello everyone!

I've been told to create a blog for my English class, so here I am. I will introduce myself, in case you have ended here by chance and doesn't even know me.

My name is Franck Tido, and I'm from Spain. I'm a Translation Student, but I have many other hobbies (that I probably will explain in other posts). One of the course homework is to create and mantain a blog, so "The 9th Circle of Hell" is the result of those instructions and some of my own mad ideas.

Why have I chosen this name? Well, if you have read Dante's Divine Comedy, you may know that Dante imagined the Hell divided in 9 levels. The builder of Babel's Tower suffers in the 9th level for causing the confusion of the world's languages. I took the idea of that legend. Besides, our professor told us that some grammar mistakes were kind of sins. That is the explanation of the subtitle.

Well, I think that was enough for a first/introducing/uninteresting post, so I will stop typing... for now.

I will try to update as often as possible. I had never thought about writing a blog, so I don't know exactly about what I will talk.

See you, and welcome to Hell (metaphorically).

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