Monday, May 16, 2011

Comeacrossness: Italian Singers

Greetings, people!

When I have class until late, I usually have dinner at the Pizzería Agora, in the UJI. It's a good place to eat, with Asturian Veal as the main ingredient for its dishes. But today I'm not talking about the food: today I'm talking about some people I saw there last Thursday.

Chris and I entered the pizzeria as usual ad we got shocked by the unusual people we saw there. There were around 30 people dressed in an old-fashioned way: The men wore flat caps, shepherd vests and little skirts over thick hose, whereas women were dressed in long white dresses with white hoods, similar in appearance to a nun's clothes. They all seemed to have traveled in time from the 18th Century.

Besides, I could hear them talking in a language I didn't understand at first, so they really seemed lost time travelers. After a while, I began to recognize some words: it was Italian. I could confirm it when I heard one of the men shouting to a girl "te quiero, guapa" with a distinctive accent. They were Italian, no doubt.

When they finished eating, they stood up and started to go out of the pizzeria. Then I could briefly see a badge around one of the men's neck in which I read "Cerdenya". Then, suddenly, they stopped at the door and talked to each other. Unexpectedly, they started to sing! Quickly, I took my mobile phone out and pressed the "record" key. And this is what they sang.

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