Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hammertime: Need a displacement here!

Hello there!

One of the most fun steps in the creation of a map in Hammer is creating terrains, aka displacements. It is also the one that causes most errors, at least in my maps.

CP_Parchis (remember it's just a codename) includes a castle on the top of a mountain, so terrains are essential. Since it is a floating castle, those mountains collide with the edge of the map - the skybox. This usually causes lots of errors. I've been trying to put up with the following problem:
Finding displacement neighbors...
Warning: invalid neighbor connection on displacement near (4.84 3584.00 0.00)
Warning: invalid neighbor connection on displacement near (-64.00 4096.00 0.00)
Warning: invalid neighbor connection on displacement near (2.96 4111.19 143.51)

After Googling it up, I learnt that the cause was placing a displacement texture next to a skybox one, and the only solution was removing the displacement. But the fact is that I need that terrain where it is, so I finally decided to ignore the error. It can't be that harmful, anyway. The map runs without problems.

Despite that problem, working with displacements has been so much fun I couldn't just stop at giving the terrain its form. I had to paint them and clip them. I couldn't help. So, that part of the map is already done. Well, half the map, actually. The other half will be mirrored, so I'll do it when I'm sure I won't change anything.

Here are some pics of the current version of the map. I tried to take them from the same angles as the previous images.

> The outer wall: 1, 2. I decided to make high cliffs so the castle can't be seen from here, thus the framerate improves.
> Tunnels: 1, 2. Pretty much the same, because the biggest change here can't be seen: I changed the clipping so players won't get stuck on the rocks.
> The town: 1, 2. I like how this place is going, but the CP capping zone is not very well delimited - players won't know exactly where the capture zone starts. I'll have to do something with it.
> The front wall: 1. Since players won't be able to walk in this zone, I didn't clip it, although I detailed it because it will be seen in-game.
> Central CP: 1. The control point itself doesn't have displacements, but the exterior zone with the respawn rooms does.

There is an entrance from the second CP to the central zone made mostly with displacements, and I feel proud of it. It's a sloping gorge with an L-shape between a high cliff and the castle wall. Here, seen from the town. Here, an overhead view.

I say goodbye with an general overview of the map, from the same point than the last post (click to enlarge). See you soon!

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