Thursday, February 10, 2011

Comeacrossness: Scrap crap dealer

Hello there! So much time since I posted some Comeacrossness: it seems that weird people are scarce in Castellón these days. Nevertheless, yesterday I saw a strange man.

He was pulling a shopping cart along the street or, to be more precise, along the road. Not the sidewalk, but the road, where cars drive. If that wasn't strange enough (and indeed very dangerous), the cart was filled with a big pile of scrap metal.

You'll say, "well, it's not so strange. Some folks deal with scrap metal to get some money. We're in a crisis, after all. Yes, I don't doubt it. But the weird thing would be the source of that scrap. It didn't seem like something you would throw to the garbage. It wasn't old electrical appliances or random rubbish. It seemed to me like these metal trusses they use in high voltage pylons, although bended and rusty. It shocked me that they formed a pile which was much larger than the man and the cart itself. That would be quite heavy! And that man was pulling them around on a dangerous, car-filled road!

I don't want to turn my blog into a tangle of complaints about economy, so I won't continue on this topic, but after seeing that man, it seems to me that the current situation is delicate, if not critical.

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