Sunday, March 21, 2010

OVERTIME: Crappy Community Content

Hello there! Welcome again to OVERTIME, and thank you for not closing the window at seeing the logo (that sounded like some English teacher I know, lol).

This week a new TF2 update has been released, as you will notice if you have the game. The contents of this update are somehow polemic: they have been created by TF2 community, instead of by Valve. That means that actual players have been responsible for the items which I am talking about today. Oh my.

First of all, there are nine new hats. Well, eight and a misc, to be precise. I don't have anything bad to say about them, so I'll show them quickly so we can move on.

Troublemaker's Tossle Cap (Scout)
Just a beanie.

Killer's Kabuto (Soldier)
Now the Soldier is a Samurai!

Triboniophorus Tyrannus (Pyro)
Futurama Brains Slugs FTW

Hustler's Hallmask (Demoman)
I prefer the Afro, but well.

The Hound Dog (Heavy)
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin' to the Sandvich rock.

Hotrod (Engineer)

Procedure Mask (Medic)
This is the misc item. It can be worn with another Medic hat.

Shooter's Sola Topi (Sniper)
It goes very well with the Huntsman.

Magistrate's Mullet (Spy)
Nothing more to say, gentlemen.

This community update has also brought us three new weapons. I have some complaints about these.

From left to right: The Pain Train (Soldier & Demoman), the Dalokohs Bar (Heavy) and the Homewrecker (Pyro).

The Pain Train allows a Soldier or a Demoman to capture control points at double speed. Its drawback is that you take more damage when you equip it. It doesn't seem that bad at first sight, but it'll have to be deeply tested.

The Homewrecker is a melee weapon for the Pyro. It makes more damage to buildings but less damage to players. I find if completely useless, because you normally wouldn't sacrifice your powerful melee attack just for destroying a teleporter, which can be easily terminated by fire. In quantities.

The Dalokohs Bar... Well. It replaces the Sandvich. That is an excellent reason for not using it. The Bar gives you 50 extra health points for 30 seconds. 50 points are not very much in comparison with the actual 300 HP that Heavy has. Besides, you cannot throw it to help teammates, which you can do with the Sandvich. Even the name is lame; it means Chocolate in backwards Russian. /facepalm
My veredict: The Dalokohs Bar is useless. Focata FTW.

All in all, these new weapons seem to be quite crappy. Before ranting and raving about Valve, remember that they are product of the TF2 community. Now you should understand why I said "oh my" at the beginning of the post.

Anyway, time passes quickly, and the eagerly awaited Engineer Update is nearer and nearer. Oh, I am already nervous!

Mission ends in 3... 2... 1...

BTW, images by Jack_Wade from HL2spain.


  1. I love the brain slug. It's a pity that so many of them starved to death recently.

  2. I want that Homewrecker so bad, my eyes bleed!

  3. So this explains why I've haven't seen you in Wow in the last days...

    I played a little with TF2 in order to get some of this new stuff... but when I saw all those new hats I just give up...

  4. @ Tipo con boina:

    @ Bolty:
    Bleed? Why? Did I make any spelling mistakes?

    @ Chris-kun:
    Yes, that's the reason. I was asking for oritoes in TF2, lol.