Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dungeons & Chimneys: Investigation Vs. Combat

Greetings, adventurers! Enjoying your Easter holidays? I've been quite busy lately — it seems that the more days I have free, the more troble comes to me. But, fortunately, it seems I found some time to write about Dungeons & Chimneys.

We played again last Monday. Although one of my players wasn't able to come, it was ok. I avoided combat situations for the moment, because I want all the group to be there when they come, so we started the actual plot of the Freeport campaign.

A cleric called Egil asked the adventurers to solve a mystery: They would need to find a librarian who had disappeared. At the beginning, they seemed a bit confused and didn't know where to start or what to say, so I helped them a bit with my Scottish Dwarf, but as the session went on, they started to think more deeply and managed to get the information they needed from an enemy, most surprisingly avoiding any fighting at all. Diplomacy and gold seem to be powerful agains pirates.

I'm not giving too many details about the plot in here, just in case they discovered too much, but I can say that they are on the right track, and have searched in all the places they were supposed to search... for the moment. Of course, there will be plot twists and interesting situations in the future, but for the time being I don't want to bother them too much about it.

I have discovered that this kind of non-combat situations are easier to prepare and manage than fights. When fighting I must take care of AC, hit points, save throws, weapons and so on. It's a bit chaotic. If the players are just looking for clues, I just have to ask them to roll some dice and tell them whether they find anything or not. Oh, and play the NPCs roles. That's the best part.

On the other part, the game NEEDS combat situations — otherwise it would eventually become boring. So, I hope all my players are able to come to the next session, because they're going to have to do some fighting. I wouldn't like them to forget all they learnt on our first session.

I'll keep you informed!

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