Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exam Article: L4D Saga Review

Hello there! It's been a while since my last post in this blog. Sadly, I don't have so much time nor ideas, and when I write something, I tend to write in Las Chancletas de Hermes (you know, my other blog). But now I have something in English I wanted to show you - although I know no one will read it.

Recently I made a preparation test for the Advanced Cambridge Exam. One of the exercises in the Writing part consisted on writing an article of 180-220 words, comparing two videogames: their graphics, pros and cons and prices. Piece of cake.

This has been one of the best writing exercises I've made ever - my score was 18/20. So I decided to publish it (the corrected version the teacher gave me back).


Zombies! Guns! More zombies! That's what you can find if you play either of the two games of the Lef4Dead Saga. Developed by Valve Software, Left4Dead and Left4Dead2 tell the story of a group of survivors who try to escape a mortal virus that turns its victims into zombies.

Built in the Source Graphic Engine, the games' visuals are very realistic. Left4Dead occurs mainly at night, while Left4Dead2 drives you through open environments in daylight.

You can choose one of the four playable characters and play alone or with friends in the co-operative campaign mode. There are also some differences between the two games:

  • Characters: Louis, Francis, Zoey or Bill in L4D or Coach, Ellis, Rochelle and Nick in L4D2. Your choice!
  • Special Infected: L4D2 presents a wider range ofmitand Infected, with special abilities, whereas L4D's Infected are harder to beat.
  • Weapons: You can choose lots of weapons to fight the undead. Besides which, L4D has mounted guns and L4D2 has melee weapons.
  • Price: L4D2 costs only $15, and L4D is even cheaper. Besides this, all downloadable contents are included in the price. What's more, if you still can't choose one or another, there is a pack which contains both games for around $25!

Whether you choose one game or the other (or both), L4D will provide you with hours of fun and zombie slaughter.

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