Friday, August 27, 2010

EYE! Me Bottle O' Scrumpy!

Hello there!

Today a friend of mine and a regular follower of Then 9th Circe of Hell (should I say the most regular?) is having some surgery. I'm talking about Christian.

He's visiting the operating room, but not for a sex change (sorry, I just had to make the joke). He told me that from now on, he's not needing glasses anymore. I don't really know very much about these kind of operations, so I can only say "good luck" and put some slightly related video I found on youtube.

Hope everything goes well!


  1. Yes, the title is a TF2 reference.

  2. He, he sex change. I'm afraid I don't have enough gold for that operation.

    Looks like I'll have to use the demoman more xD.

    Anyway thanks a lot dude! I'm back but don't expect to play a lot these days... I get tired easily! Hope to see you soon! Bye